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Playwright, Actor


Collaborated with Passport Ensemble on Passport.

Co-founder of the Playwrights' Project, for which he won the 2018 Rosenblum Prize for Performing Arts. Director of the 14/48 Project - The Fastest Theatre in the World. Member of the Lottery Arts and Culture committee. Winner of the 2013 Best Playwright Award at the Children and Youth Theatre Awards. Head of the theatre program, Art-Team (2017) – an excellence program at the Youth Theatre. Mentor of writing workshops – story structure techniques and directing/acting workshops in the Yat/Laban method – analyzing behavioral patterns through movement psychology and private workshops in Israel and abroad. Acting, directing and dance-theatre teacher at the Kibbutzim Seminar and playwrighting teacher at Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. Reshef used to teach at the Yoram Lowenstein Acting Studio and the Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts in Milan. He also taught at Gal Amitai's Acting Studio, Impro Acting School headed by Avi Malka and at Reacting Studio. Actor and director coach in both film and theatre. Creator of Miracolo, which premiered at Milan's Teatro Piccolo's Masterclass Festival. Creator of Another Life, which ran in Italy, India and the US, has won numerous awards. In addition, Roey created the show The Black Princess which played in Germany and The Czech Republic and received many prizes. His directorial credits include: Disconnected, A Success Story, Roberto Zucco, It's Still Going to be Cold in Here, Yak says Moo, Crooked-Leg Billy, Childhood Landscape, Glengarry Glen Ross and more. His acting credits include: Open Wide, The Laramie Project, Spellbound, With a Stick and a Ruler, The End of a Joke and more.

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