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Independent Theatre-maker, Actress, Theatre Researcher


Collaborated with Passport Ensemble on Passport.

Yoeli is an independent creator in various writing, directing and acting frameworks. She appeared in festivals and moderated storytelling, acting and puppetry workshops in Israel and abroad: Germany, Holland, Angola, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, France, Lithuania and more. She teaches and facilitates workshops in different frameworks in Israel and across the world.

Naomi studied Hebrew and English literature at the Hebrew University and theatre and directing at Tel Aviv University. She received an "A+" on her Ph.D. in theatre from Tel Aviv University.

Among her stage works: Thyestes with Doron Tavori; Awaken and We Shall Ascend at Mekudeshet Festival; And Especially this Garden at Babait Festival; Pleasant and Refreshing News; The Desk: Class Work and Between Calendars with the Ruth Kanner Ensemble; My Ex-Step-Mother-in-Law at Jerusalem's Interdisciplinary Stage; Explosive: War Tourism and Aunt Frida: The Museum at the Akko Fringe Theatre Festival.

Also, Yoeli directs, mentors and creates children's shows at Jerusalem's Karon Theatre, among them: Of Three Bears and One Goldilocks, The Rose Sleeps, Tales from Chelem, The Rain Bird, My Hugo and The Bestest Collection. She performed Pleasant and Refreshing News at Madrid's Abadia Theatre and a series of her solo-show My Ex-Step-Mother-in-Law at Paris' Dunois Theatre.

She's the recipient of The Landau Award for Performing Arts, The Rosenblum Prize for Performing Arts, First Prize at the Akko Fringe Festival for Aunt Frida: The Museum, Best Show, Best Adaptation, Best Actress Awards at the Israeli Fringe Awards for Between Calendars and Best Stage Language Breakthrough for Explosive. Yoeli is also an honorary associate at Israel's Open University.

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