Founder and Artistic Director of "Passport Ensemble"

Director and writer of stage adaptations of novels combined with documentary texts.

Her directing works for Passport Ensemble Theater Group:

Passport, Citizen K, Leah and Somewhere.

Cramsky was nominated for the Best Play Writer Award at Israel's Independent Theater Awards for: Passport, Citizen K and Leah. The Winer of 2015 Best Adaption for stage Award at Israel's Independent Theater Awards for Passport.

Yael started her artistic journey as a dancer, after graduating from the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. She continued her studies in New York with artists and researchers from the fields of dance and movement, where she also presented her first works. After returning to Israel, Yael completed her master's degree in Directing at Tel Aviv University's Theater department.

Among her major directing work: Passport in Zurich, The Academy for Performance Arts, Zurich, ZHdK; Dans la Solitude des Champs de Coton by Bernard-Marie Koltès and The Maids by Jean Genet, Herzliya Ensemble Theater; Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, Tmuna Theater; The Staring Eye by Gilad Evron, Short play Festival at Tzavta Theater; The Floating Tower - an interdisciplinary show based on texts from the Mishna, Israel Festival; Dream Play by August Strindberg, The Lab Theater, Jerusalem; Mein Kampf by George Tabori, Tel Aviv University Theater.

Her major Choreography works include: Hagigit, Dance Theater Group, ZOA in Tel-Aviv, Habama in Jerusalem, Ein Hod Museum; Golem, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel-Aviv, Habama in Jerusalem; Isham, Spring Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel-Aviv; Vertical 3, Habama Theater, Jerusalem; Vertical 2, New York City; Vertical 1, New York City; Ropes, New York City; First Arrival, New York City.

Her major choreography works for the theater include: Hedda Gabler, Zurich; The Dibbuk, The National Hungarian Theater, Cluj, Romania.

Since 2014, Cramsky has been the Head of the Acting Program (direct track for a master's degree program) and an acting and a directing teacher at Tel-Aviv University's Department of Theater Arts.



Space and Costume Designer

Konson is collaborating with and designing for Passport Ensemble Theater Group since it was established.

Designed space and costumes for Passport, Citizen K, Somewhere and costumes for Leah. In 2019, Dina was nominated for the Best Costumes Design Award at Israel's Independant Theater Awards. 

Holds an MFA in Theater Design from Tel Aviv University's Department of Theater Arts.

Amog her works in recent years: stage and costume design for I Wish You Were a Woman, The Seagull and Mary Stuart directed by Ira Avneri at Tmuna Theater; stage and costume design for Collaborators and Rhinoceros directed by Alon Tiran at Beit Zvi, stage design for Iphigenia directed by Gadi Roll at Be'er Sheva Theater (nominated for the Theater Academy Award); stage design for Blasted directed by Avi Gibson Barel at Noztar Theater; costume design for Silk Gloves Operation and Medea at Can Ensemble.

Teacher at Tel Aviv University's Stage, Cinema and TV Design Program.



Stage, Lighting and Video Designer

Mualem is collaborating with and designing for Passport Ensemble Theater Group.

Iris designed the lighting and co-created the video art (with video artist Nimrod Zin) for the show Citizen K. She designed the space, lighting and video (in collaboration with video artist Nimrod Zin) for the show Leah. She also designed the lighting and video (in collaboration with video artist Lior Sadeh) for the show Somewhere.

Holds an MFA in Design from Tel Aviv University's Department of Theater Arts.

Winner of four Israel's Independent Theater Awards and an additional award from the Acco Fringe Festival.

Among her recent works: space, lighting and video design for the show Medea directed by Shlomo Plessner for Can Ensemble and a co-creation with Shimrit Malul for the show What a Beautiful Day at Tmuna Theater's A-Genre Festival.



Composer, Pianist, Singer and Painter

Holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Teacher at Levinsky College's Music Seminar. Founded the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra within Israel's Musical Youth Program. In 2019, Ronen invented the 'Cultural Piano', a piano that is tuned in different ways to form Tibetan bells, Arabic Maqams, uneven African scales, electric bass sounds and percussion.

His compositions are performed by orchestras and ensembles in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Bartok Hall, Steinway Hall, Liszt Academy Hall, Tel Aviv's Culture Hall, Tokyo's X Theater, The Israeli Opera and the Israel Festival.

Discography: The World Belongs to the Mediocre (1996), The Smile (1999), Wandering Spirit (2006) and Hammers (2011).

Awards: The Prime Minister Award for Compositors (2005), The French Short Film Festival Music Award (2009), The ACUM Award for Best Musical Creation (2010), The Lottery Council Award (2012).



Musician and Performance Artist

Composed original music and gave vocal instruction in Passport Ensemble Theater Group's Leah production.

Creates and performs her pieces at Tmuna Theater and in different festivals in Israel and abroad. Her album The End of the Root was released at the end of 2018. Shapiro is co-founder and co-creator of the Abra and Gehenna ensembles.



Interdisciplinary Artist, Opera Director

Collaborated with Passport Ensemble Theater Group as a sound designer on Citizen K.

He graduated from the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem (2013) and is the Jerusalem Foundation Prize recipient, 2011.

As an independent theatre-maker, his credits include: And my Heart Almost Stood Still in collaboration with Leipzig's Westfluegel Theatre, which showcased in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Israel and more; I Want to Dance, Kate! at the 2014 Akko Fringe Festival (Winner - Best Stage Language Award), What Happened to my Voice? and Caprices.

Along with Inbal Yomtovian, he is the co-founder of Golden Delicious Ensemble. The duo's object theatre works have toured Israel and all around the world.

In 2019, Ari created the video work You Need to be Ready to Let Go of What the Eye Sees for the ethnography exhibition Veiled Women of the Holy Land at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He was also an artistic advisor for the entire exhibition.
As a performer, he worked with Yonatan Levy, Ana Wild and since 2015 he is a member of Yasmin Godder's dance ensemble.

In Opera and music, Ari directed Peter and the Wolf with the Tel Aviv Quintet, Shalem at the Jerusalem Mekudeshet Festival; Cosi Fan Tutte, Giulio Cesare in Egitto, Haensel und Gretel, and Le Nozze di Figaro. In 2019 he won the audience award at the Nano-Opera competition for young opera directors at Helikon Opera, Moscow.

Ari teaches at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel-Aviv University, Haifa University and is head of the performance department at the Art-Team Youth Excellence in Arts program.




Collaborated with Passport Ensemble Theater Group as the composer of the original score on Passport.

Baron started learning piano at the age of eight and later studied composition with Dr. Michael Shenhav.

During his studies at Jerusalem's Academy of Music and Dance and in addition to his traditional music lessons under the tutelage of Prof. Michael Wolpe, Mr. Ilan Mochiah, Dr. Boaz Ben Moshe and the late Dr. Erez Rappaport, Ophir began a series of interdisciplinary collaborations with theatre people, filmmakers, animation artists and dance professionals. These collaborations enabled him to incorporate music and sound into a vast web of multidisciplinary artistic avenues. They, and especially those with the cinematic world, have led to a renewed, more conscious examination of the intricate connection between sound, music, drama, narrative and image. Baron composed for and collaborated with the Revolution Orchestra, Doron Tavori, Shachar Marom, Jacky Pearl, Maayan Reznik, Beri Sacharof, Asaf Avidan, the Karon Theater and more. Today, he works as a playback theatre musician, film composer and piano and theory teacher.



Performance Artist, Lighting Designer

Collaborated with Passport Ensemble Theater Group as a lighting designer on Passport.

Yair holds a BA in theater performance and choreography from Dartington College of Art in the UK and an MBA in choreography and performance from Berlin's UDK. He designed the lighting for numerous artists and festivals of all artistic genres in galleries, theatres, public spaces and various stages worldwide. Today, Vardi is a lecturer at Musrara College's advanced studies program, at Bat Yam's Kelim choreography program and is a guest lecturer at Afula's School of Culture. He has accompanied many artists and projects both as a dramaturg and as artistic advisor, among them: Ruth Kanner, Yoram Karmi, Noa Dar, Nataly Zuckerman, Marina Beltov, Talya Hoffman, Naama Tzabar, Ronit Ziv and others. In 2005, Yair founded Tmuna Theatre's A-Genre Interdisciplinary Performance Festival and served as its curator until 2017. He has also worked as a curator and initiative developer at Tmuna Theater between 2012-2017. Since 2016, he's a member of the Asian Dramaturg Society. His works have played at Tmuna Theatre, Habait Theatre, Akko Fringe Festival, Site Specific Festival, Berlin's Oper Studios, Iceland's Nilo Centre and various festivals in Berlin and the UK.