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Collaborated with Passport Ensemble Theater Group as the composer of the original score on Passport.

Baron started learning piano at the age of eight and later studied composition with Dr. Michael Shenhav.

During his studies at Jerusalem's Academy of Music and Dance and in addition to his traditional music lessons under the tutelage of Prof. Michael Wolpe, Mr. Ilan Mochiah, Dr. Boaz Ben Moshe and the late Dr. Erez Rappaport, Ophir began a series of interdisciplinary collaborations with theatre people, filmmakers, animation artists and dance professionals. These collaborations enabled him to incorporate music and sound into a vast web of multidisciplinary artistic avenues. They, and especially those with the cinematic world, have led to a renewed, more conscious examination of the intricate connection between sound, music, drama, narrative and image. Baron composed for and collaborated with the Revolution Orchestra, Doron Tavori, Shachar Marom, Jacky Pearl, Maayan Reznik, Beri Sacharof, Asaf Avidan, the Karon Theater and more. Today, he works as a playback theatre musician, film composer and piano and theory teacher.


Composed original music and gave vocal instruction in Passport Ensemble Theater Group's Leah production.

Creates and performs her pieces at Tmuna Theater and in different festivals in Israel and abroad. Her album The End of the Root was released at the end of 2018. Shapiro is co-founder and co-creator of the Abra and Gehenna ensembles.

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