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performance Artist, Lighting Designer

Collaborated with Passport Ensemble Theater Group as a lighting designer on Passport.

Yair holds a BA in theater performance and choreography from Dartington College of Art in the UK and an MBA in choreography and performance from Berlin's UDK. He designed the lighting for numerous artists and festivals of all artistic genres in galleries, theatres, public spaces and various stages worldwide. Today, Vardi is a lecturer at Musrara College's advanced studies program, at Bat Yam's Kelim choreography program and is a guest lecturer at Afula's School of Culture. He has accompanied many artists and projects both as a dramaturg and as artistic advisor, among them: Ruth Kanner, Yoram Karmi, Noa Dar, Nataly Zuckerman, Marina Beltov, Talya Hoffman, Naama Tzabar, Ronit Ziv and others. In 2005, Yair founded Tmuna Theatre's A-Genre Interdisciplinary Performance Festival and served as its curator until 2017. He has also worked as a curator and initiative developer at Tmuna Theater between 2012-2017. Since 2016, he's a member of the Asian Dramaturg Society. His works have played at Tmuna Theatre, Habait Theatre, Akko Fringe Festival, Site Specific Festival, Berlin's Oper Studios, Iceland's Nilo Centre and various festivals in Berlin and the UK.

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