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Actor, Translator and Director

Collaborated with Passport Ensemble on Passport, which he also co-translated.

Tavori started out at Be’er Sheva Theatre where he performed in Upon a Violin and Twelfth Night directed by Hanan Snir. He returned to Be’er Sheva years later in The Imposter, directed by Robert Woodruff and in Heldenplatz, directed by Krystian Lupa.

Select theatre credits include: A Jewish Soul and Ghetto directed by Gdalya Besser and Waiting for Godot directed by Ilan Ronen at the Haifa Theatre; The Bourgeois Hero Life and The Screens directed by Ofira Henig at Habima National Theatre; In the Solitude of Cotton Fields and Ghosts directed by Yael Cramsky at Tmuna Theatre; Exit the King, Krapp's Last Tape and Per Gynt directed by Rina Yerushalmi with Ittim Ensemble; I Am Don Quixote and The Oresteia directed by Yevgeny Aryeh and Lolita/Joan of Arc directed by Yechezkel Lazarov at Gesher Theatre. In addition, Tavori took part in a renewed production of Waiting for Godot at Jaffa Theatre. He participated in the Israel Festival as a singer/solo actor in A Poet in New York by Lorca/Dori Parnes. He was also an actor in several independent productions in Israel and abroad, among them a one-man performance of The Oresteia and Thyestes with Naomi Yoeli, which he also translated. Doron was the head of Jerusalem's Interdisciplinary Stage and for a short while, of the Haifa Theatre. He is one of the founders of Dimona Theatre. He taught theatre in Um El Fahem and translated plays from German, Norwegian and French. Recipient of the Ada Ben-Nachum Prize for translation, The David's Violin Prize, The Meir Margalit Prize, The Rosenblum Prize for Performing Arts, The Klatchkin Prize for acting, The Israeli Theatre Award, The Landau Award for Performing Arts and The Prime Minister's Award for translation.

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