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Collaborated with Passport Ensemble on Somewhere.

Born in France, Bloch came to Israel in 1988. She graduated from Tel Aviv University's acting program in 1992. Over the years, Florence has performed in numerous shows, among them: The Orchard, A Precious Treasure, Tartuffe, and The Guest at Beit Lessin Theater; Requiem and Rosita at The Cameri Theater; The Italian Straw Hat, The Jews' Opera and The Child Dreams at Haifa Theater; Earth, Happiness, Illusion, The King's Clothes, The Cherry Orchard, The Bald(er) Singer, The Successful Ones, The Great Magic, A Word of Love, Home War, Marriage, Three Women Waiting and The Miser at The Khan Theater; Antigone at Herzliya Ensemble; The End is Near and That's What I Wanted at Tzavta Theater; La Familia at Givatayim Theater; Vernissage at The Avignon Festival.

Films: The Kind Words, Encirclements, Women, Dogs Don't Bark in Green, Sherman in the Winter, James' Travels in the Holy Land, and Stones. Television: Moliere, Closed Case, Saul, The Game of Life, Sweet Dreams and Life isn't Everything.

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