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Actress, Playwright

Collaborated with Passport Ensemble on Citizen K.

Graduate of Bet Tzvi Acting School (with honors).

Select theatre credits include – At the Cameri Theater: Three Sisters directed by Hanan Snir, The Seagull directed by Boris Morozov. At Habima National Theatre: The Crucible directed by Abraham Assau.

At Beit Lessin Theatre: He Walked the Fields directed by Kfir Azulay, The Deep Blue Sea directed by Alon Ofir, People, Places and Things directed by Roni Pinkovitch and the Comedy Carnage. At Haifa Theatre: All My Sons and Brighton Beach Memories directed by Oded Kotler and Tough Love. At Be’er Sheva Theatre: Women not Speaking.

TV credits include: The Parliament, Kidnapped, The Bourgeois, Yes or No and more.

Film credits include: Boutcha, Foreign Fire, Wasserman and more.

Naama teaches acting and directing to teens. She won the Best Actress awards at the Cameri Theatre and Beit Lessin's Open Stage festival.

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