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רונן שפירא


Composer, Pianist, Singer and Painter

Holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Teacher at Levinsky College's Music Seminar. Founded the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra within Israel's Musical Youth Program. In 2019, Ronen invented the 'Cultural Piano', a piano that is tuned in different ways to form Tibetan bells, Arabic Maqams, uneven African scales, electric bass sounds and percussion.

His compositions are performed by orchestras and ensembles in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Bartok Hall, Steinway Hall, Liszt Academy Hall, Tel Aviv's Culture Hall, Tokyo's X Theater, The Israeli Opera and the Israel Festival.

Discography: The World Belongs to the Mediocre (1996), The Smile (1999), Wandering Spirit (2006) and Hammers (2011).

Awards: The Prime Minister Award for Compositors (2005), The French Short Film Festival Music Award (2009), The ACUM Award for Best Musical Creation (2010), The Lottery Council Award (2012).

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