An adaptation of "And He Is The Light", the autobiographical novel by Leah Goldberg, coupled with excerpts from her personal diaries

Adaptation to play and Director: Yael Cramsky | Set and Lighting Design: Iris Mualem |

Costume Design: Dina Konson | Video Art: Iris Mualem and Nimrod Zin |

Music, Voice and Voice guidance: Faye Shapiro

Actors: Dina Blei Schor, Yarden Gilboa, Ronen Yifrah, Eyal Zusman

Premiered on December 30th, 2017, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Photographer: Yakir Meir Perez

An adaptation of And He Is The Light, the autobiographical novel by Leah Goldberg, coupled with excerpts from her personal diaries. The play deals with the need to eradicate and repress parts of our identity, genetics and past experiences imposed on us. For Nora, the main character, these experiences include her fear of madness, of persecution of the Jewish community and of life in the aftermath of WW1.

The plot takes place in Kaunas, Nora's hometown. Nora returns home for vacation from her studies in Berlin to discover that her mother had divorced her father, who suffers from mental illness. The two leave for a holiday in the forest and meet Arin, a family friend who suddenly reappears after twenty years in America. Nora falls in love with him.

Nora is the personification of Leah Goldberg. Strong yet fragile, resistant yet obedient, but above all, she is characterized by an obligation to overcome obstacles, merged with a love for the enlightened elements of life.

The creators of the play chose to remove the scaffolding of the theater. For this purpose, a light fixture that displays light through a unique process was constructed, producing vibrations of light onto a screen, the lighting and sound constantly fueling one another.

The audience sits close to the actors, blurring boundaries between the actor and the character he or she is portraying. The audience is truly a partner in the play, sharing the same physical space as the actor. Through this prism, we develop the connections between poetic text and documentary writing, between light and sound, between garment and space.