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Inspired by Franz Kafka's canonic literary work, "The Trial"

Adaptation to play and Director: Yael Cramsky | Dramaturgy: Prof. Freddie Rokem

Set and Costume Designer: Dina Konson | Lighting Designer: Iris Mualem

Video Art: Iris Mualem and Nimrod Zin | Music and Sound: Ari Teperberg

Actors: Eyal Zusman, Eran Sarel, Michal Weinberg, Naama Shapira, Nimrod Zin, Josef Albalak

Premiered on October 21st, 2015, at Inbal Theater, Suzan Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv

Photo: Haim Yafim Barbalat

On the morning of his 30th birthday, citizen Josef K, the chief clerk at the bank, is accused of a crime he has never heard of.

The play deals with the faceless, untraceable institutional mechanism that determines the fate of the small citizen, who has no way of defending himself.

The citizen's desperate attempt to contact  the mechanism directly leads him to complete exhaustion and total surrender. When a door finally opens, it appears that there are only more doors behind it, which could only be opened with the right connections or knowledge. The chances of finding the right door are slim and mostly fed by rumors from all those who have already been traveling this maze for quite some time. After some time inside this so-called maze, a sense of progress seems to emerge, when, in fact, one is simply standing still.


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