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According to Dan Tsalka's novel, combined with personal writings from his books

Writing, Adaptation to stage and Director: Yael Cramsky | Set and Costume Design: Dina Konson

Video Art and Lighting Design: Iris Mualem | Music: Ronen Shapiro | Video Editor: Tami Shaham

Research and Director Assistent: Einat Kawka | Production: Hila Dolgin | Marketing: Sahar Schwartzberg | Stage Manager: Nivi Gliklich | Video and Lighting Manager: Dan Glazer

Actors: Dina Blei, Yoav Hait, Eyal Zusman, Gabi David, Elizabeth Vaisman

Premiered on April 9th, 2021, at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Photo: Tami Shaham

Under the Sign of the Lotus is a contemporary Israeli production, in every aspect.
An adaptation to stage of a novel by the same name by the Israeli author Dan Tsalka, which was written in 2002 as a reaction to Yitzhak Rabin's murder, incorporating Tsalka's personal writings. The novel deals with torn and divided society, on top of crisis of trust in the state's leadership.
Prof. Yanai Waldman, a troubled historian, puts together a group of eccentric characters who believe in changing the administrative structure drastically. They base their theory on Biblical sources and train a leader from Davidic origins. The play reflects on common citizens taking measures into their own hands, while the official leadership is losing its grip.

In this production, as in the former ones, the ensemble members deal with sharing the space of Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, by corresponding with its artistic standard and matching it.

Yael Cramsky, Director:

"The choice to go out with Lotus especially in this time, when our society is torn and split, reveals the threat we encounter from the inside. The absurd theatre language of the show, played in Tel Aviv Museum of Art, was created using eccentric characters, oblivious to realpolitik, that act out of innocence and good faith, desperate to redeem themselves from the horrible loneliness and crisis of trust in their leaders."


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